British Quality and Craftmanship…

Each piece of furniture is handmade in our workshops in Rearsby, in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside. We are proud to be part of the ongoing British tradition of quality bespoke craftmanship.

We oversee every stage of the manufacturing process in house. Raw timber is delivered from our UK timber merchants and processed in our machine shop, from which the individual furniture components are crafted. Joinery and assemply is all carried out within our own cabinetmaking workshop, followed by final preparation for finishing.

A wide choice of finishes, paints and lacquers, including colour matching, are all available and applied in our on site finishing facility. We are happy to supply sample colours and offer honest advice on the most suitable finish for your furniture.

We actively encoirage workshop visits, where you can meet the head cabinetmaker for your project and see your furniture under construction.