Best Stone Floors For Kitchens

As individual as you are…

Lewis&Hill kitchens are designed exclusively for each individual home. We have no standard sizes or ranges of furniture, and therefore no compromises. This complete flexibility in design ensures the optimum use of your space and a kitchen that is truly bespoke.

Thoughtful design

We believe that thoughtful design informs how people consider and use their space. How you intend to use a kitchen becomes a fundamental part of the design process, achieved through the creation of distinct zones, defined by furniture function, and unified by the use of considered materials.

Working with you

Each project starts with a blank sheet of paper and that all-important communication with the client.

Creative diversity

Collaborative by nature, we will listen, advise, inspire and offer solutions based on sound experience and creative diversity. It is this informative and co-operative nature that has created so many long-standing relationships.

An initial site or home visit frequently yields those all important starting points of reference for each individual design.

Real space perspective

Once these outline ideas have been developed with the client, initial draft sketches are worked up into a 3D scale model, which allows the design to be seen as a whole with a “real space” perspective.

We take great care sourcing high quality materials, each carefullyconsidered for the individual commission, and can supply samples throughout the planning and designing process to help make you fully aware of the options available.

Extensive experience

Lewis&Hill have extensive experience of working with architects and building contractors on both new build and remodeling projects. We frequently design and manufacture from architects drawings, and can offer a full range of project services, sourcing and managing other trades such as electricians, plumbers and plasterers, with on site supervision if required.

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