Handmade and fitted by our own Craftsmen…

At Lewis&Hill we believe our staff are our greatest asset. We train all our cabinetmakers in-house to the same exacting standards, and have had considerable success with our apprenticeship programme.

Many of our team have been with us since the very early days of Lewis&Hill, growing and developing as craftsmen and people as we have grown and developed as a business.

Traditional bench hand skills are taught and honed by daily practise in all aspects of timber machining and joinery. The bespoke nature of our furniture requires all staff to be skilled across a range of disciplines, and we actively encourage the use of initiative and problem solving skills.

And as we make it…so we fit it. At Lewis&Hill we only use our own staff for the installation of your furniture. That’s because we believe our skilled cabinetmakers are the best people for the job.

Once the furniture has been installed, our team of specialist paint finishers apply the final finishing top coats of paint or lacquer by hand…and we only leave when the job is finished to your complete satisfaction.