Best Stone Floors For Kitchens

One of the top questions customers ask is ‘what are the best stone floors for kitchens and busy households? Many people would like to know more about the characteristics of different flooring options and how they can be used for their projects. In this article, we’ve outlined each stone flooring option and why it could be the best choice for your kitchen.

Limestone Tiles

For centuries, this stone has been used for kitchen flooring. Having stood the test of time proves how hard-wearing and durable stone floors can be. The density of some limestones varies, and our collection incorporates this to create a practical yet charming kitchen floor. When you install a historic piece of stone in your home, there is something very special. If there is heavy traffic on the floor, we recommend re-sealing every 3-5 years after installation, as with any natural stone floor.

Marble Tiles

Marble is often overlooked as a material for kitchen floors, but it makes an elegant yet practical choice. Neoclassical designs such as chequerboards and diamond-laid formats with cabochon inserts work very well with marble. Having the perfect stone for a timeless kitchen floor full of grandeur can help achieve a classic yet contemporary look. Like limestones, marble tiles are available in a variety of finishes. For a kitchen, a tumbled stone finish is most practical. Softly tumbled, imperfect finishes are a forgiving option for busy areas. The result is usually stunning pastel tones that blend seamlessly into kitchen interiors.

Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles

If you like the look of natural stone but want a maintenance-free kitchen floor, then a stone effect tile is a perfect compromise. The most advanced porcelain floor tile manufacturers in Italy and Spain produce stone effect tiles with a highly realistic print and rectified finish. With a rectified finish, ultra-narrow grout joints are possible, ensuring the primary focus is on the tiles. From sleek and contemporary designs with straight cut edges to rustic designs with worn edges, we offer a wide range of stone effect porcelain. With their scratch-resistant surface and colour-bodied clay, these are ideal for family kitchens. Porcelain tiles aren’t just for kitchen flooring if you’re considering taking it a step further. You can also use many of our ranges on the exterior if you choose the grip finish – create an infinity look by extending your kitchen floor outside onto the patio.

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

Do you want to lay a real wood floor in your kitchen? Rethink it. Porcelain tiles that appear to be wood offer an alternative to those who love the look of wood but are concerned about the maintenance involved. These porcelain wood effect floor tiles work well with underfloor heating systems and are scratch-resistant, so they make a great kitchen floor choice! It is essential to create the most realistic effect with any porcelain by using a high-quality graphic. Even some of our porcelain wood effect tiles have a textured feel for the ultimate wood imitation – with all the benefits of porcelain. To ensure a seamless finish, have your fitter create a narrow joint with complementary grout colour.

Sandstone Tiles

If finished correctly, sandstone can be used for kitchen floors as well as outdoor paving. Sandstones have varying compositions and densities, so some are better suited for kitchen flooring than others. Our natural stone expertise has been applied to the design of our new sandstone tiles. Kitchen floors can be finished with sandstone in such a way that maintains the tactile nature of the stone. We offer sandstone tiles that are suitable for exteriors, so you can extend your kitchen floor outdoors and create one big, uninterrupted space.

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